Saturday, July 31, 2010

Start at the Beginning

Hey folks! I'm not much of a blogger, unless you count constant facebook status updates blogging, but I've decided that I'm going to share my new hobby with whoever in internet-land is interested. I've always loooved clothes. It's true, I may not always wear them, but I love looking at them, admiring the design and fit but never really knew what went into making them. Then I decided to enrol in a sewing class at my university. I decided I will leave the institution (because it was my last class) with some sort of knowledge in clothing making.

Well I enrolled in January and by June I had successfully made an entire skirt on my own plus the mandatory skirt for class. I was and still am pretty proud of that. Unfortunately the class was Textiles and Clothing Construction so we had to split the coursework between actual clothing construction and researching textiles so we didn't get very diverse in clothing construction.

In comes our dear friend internet to fill in the blanks. While I left with a profound knowledge in skirt variations I was still hazy on making well...just about anything else!! So I started turning to sewing blogs and looking for free patterns online to help me along and I couldn't believe the plethora of patterns available for free!!!!! As I go along I will be posting links to some of those free patterns so we can all benefit from it.

In the mean time, I'm just embarking on a few projects and will start posting them very very soon. Enjoy my work, be inspired by them - I command you!

Ciao Bellas.

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