Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So another skirt

Well post flare skirt I decided to go back to basics and make myself a professional skirt using the very basic design. I figured meh... while I wait on a job I might as well hone my tailoring skills. The skirt came out better than I expected which is awesome but now I've got my sisters asking me to sew for them (and you know they won't want to pay the price I'd want to lay out for them). The skirt making was fun but I'm about to venture out into pants then tops then dresses. I'm inviting you to follow me as I try out some pants! I'm a little apprehensive because they aren't as simple as cutting three pieces of fabric or whatever to make a skirt.
Because I didn't actually learn how to do this in class I've turned to books and the internet. Here is one link in particular that has me saying YES I WILL DO THAT! - this is very easy really, well the cuff part anyway. Check back with me in a few days and see how I've progressed.

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